Ask the Pickle-Ball Experts

Dodge pickleball elbow

Author: Jennifer Lucore Here are a few visuals and tips to dodge pickleball elbow and save your game.  Of course I swapped out the "tennis for pickle", but despite its name, this bummer strain begins with the wrist. For extra help I checked in wit... Read Full Article

Pickleball elbow

Author: Jennifer Lucore Julia from Grand Prairie, TX asks: "What is happening when you get elbow problems? I did change my paddle... most of the players at my club are also having this problem." Elbow problems are no fun! The one thing to check ri... Read Full Article

Volley in the non-volley zone

Author: Jennifer Lucore Bruce from Cape Elizabeth, Maine asks: "If you go into the non-volley zone after returning a ground stroke that was not in the non-volley zone, is that a fault? I can't find it the rules book" Hello Bruce, you can go in and... Read Full Article

Players feedback

Author: Jennifer Lucore Nationals V has ended and I've been home less than 24 hours... Phew, I am tired. What a whirlwind - 7 days of complete fun and intense competition. I will get to your many questions but wanted to share these players emails ... Read Full Article

USAPA Nationals V is days away!

Author: Jennifer Lucore Excitement is rising and the clock is ticking!! Soon it will be time for all competitors to gather at pickleball Mecca in AZ for the yearly USAPA Nationals V - November 11 -  17, 2013.  Since the first nationals in 2009 it ... Read Full Article

Ball strikes top of net

Author: Jennifer Lucore Nancy from Corning, New York asks: "Does "clearing the net" (under FAULTS) mean the ball cannot touch the top of the net and land on the other side and still be played? This is during play other than serving." Hello Nancy. ... Read Full Article

Halloween on the court

Author: Jennifer Lucore Here are some fun photos from my hometown courts where they had a Halloween party... The artist, Lydia of Oceanside, CA, created some pickle bugs or pickle monsters with broken pickleballs. So creative! Read Full Article

Easy protein snacks for tournament days

Author: Jennifer Lucore I have received four different inquires about snacks and what tops players pack for long tournament days... So here are some healthy ideas I've gathered along the way: Many say that protein helps repair damaged muscles and ... Read Full Article

St. George, UT - High school PE class

Author: Jennifer Lucore St George, UT... The Fall Brawl tournament had come to an end and it was day one of Huntsman World Senior Games. Since I am not 50 years old yet, I did a little exploring in the morning before heading over to the pickleball... Read Full Article

Huntsman World Senior Games

Author: Jennifer Lucore This Monday, October 14, is the week pickleball is played in St. George, UT. Follow your favorite players at If you are one of the 500+ pickleball players - GOOD LUCK ... Read Full Article