Players feedback

Author: Jennifer Lucore

Nationals V has ended and I've been home less than 24 hours... Phew, I am tired. What a whirlwind - 7 days of complete fun and intense competition. I will get to your many questions but wanted to share these players emails which will keep a smile on my face for many more weeks...

Thanks to both of you for your great shares :-)

Terry from Phoenix, Arizona says:

Jennifer, after watching you play in the National 35+ event at Sun City Festival on 11/12/2013 I was super-charged! Your graceful athleticism was a thing of beauty. You inspired me to be quicker, have "Happy Feet" and hold my paddle in a better "ready" position to react quickly.

Today I played much better than I ever have before by trying to copy your virtually perfect example. Gracias!


Alice from Tri-Cities, MI says:

It was so nice to meet you in Surprise, and I can only imagine how great your singles matches were....then to end up playing Alex in the finals!! Congratulations on your continued excellent play, and hopefully I will see you again next year! xo Alice


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