Dodge pickleball elbow

Author: Jennifer Lucore

Here are a few visuals and tips to dodge pickleball elbow and save your game.  Of course I swapped out the "tennis for pickle", but despite its name, this bummer strain begins with the wrist. For extra help I checked in with Justin Rodgers, a licensed Physical Therapist and avid pickleball star from Arizona.

  1. Check the size and grip of your paddle (as explained in Dec 15, 2013 post)
  2. Stretch before and after playing. Extend your dominant arm - the one you hold the paddle with - in front of you, palm down. Use your other hand to pull the fingertips down and toward you so that the palm is facing your body.  Then stretch the other side of your forearm with fingers up and palm out.  Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat three times. 
  3. Ice your elbow. This should be the last thing done, usually when you get home.  If your elbow starts to feel sore or tender while doing everyday activities like turning a doorknob, ice the area for 20 minutes. If the pain persists, see a doctor.  Exercise or strenuous wrist movements should not be performed until 30 minutes after icing to allow warm blood to re-enter the area.

Hope these quick tips help you get pain free and back on the pickleball court...  Your friends are waiting for you!


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