St. George, UT - High school PE class

Author: Jennifer Lucore

St George, UT... The Fall Brawl tournament had come to an end and it was day one of Huntsman World Senior Games. Since I am not 50 years old yet, I did a little exploring in the morning before heading over to the pickleball venues to cheers on the players. One of my stops was to see the Tuacahn amphitheatre. As I walked up the steps I heard "pop, pop, pop" and laughing - sounds we all love. Pickleball was nearby!  Forget seeing the theatre, I needed to investigate. At the top of the stairs leading to the theatre were several pickleball nets tied around the poles and wooden paddles scattered about. I looked to my left and there were kids playing pickleball. Wow! How cool is that? So, of course, I went over to see why and who is playing pickleball in one of the most beautiful settings ever.  The kids, students at the Tuacahn High School, were playing pickleball during their PE class. Wow, playing outdoors in the beautiful Tuacahn Canyon; life is good.  I met their wonderful teacher, Mr. Boatright and told them all how great this sport is and that they should continue to play....  So here is our group photo. 

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