Ball strikes top of net

Author: Jennifer Lucore

Nancy from Corning, New York asks: "Does "clearing the net" (under FAULTS) mean the ball cannot touch the top of the net and land on the other side and still be played? This is during play other than serving."

Hello Nancy. I just reviewed the Official Tournament Rulebook - revised October 1, 2013, and looked under Sections 7 -FAULTS. I did not find the exact wording of "clearing the net"... After the serve, during play, a ball that touches the top of the net and lands in-bounds is fair and in play. Here is an excerpt from the rulebook:

12.J. The Net.

12.J.1. The net and the wires or strings holding up the net are positioned (mostly) on the court. Therefore, if the ball strikes the top of the net or strikes the top net wire or string and lands in bounds, then it remains in play.

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