A Symphony of Control: The Selkirk LUXX Control Air

A Symphony of Control: The Selkirk LUXX Control Air

In the ever-evolving world of pickleball, one characteristic that players have consistently prized is control. While power has been the trendiest paddle characteristic in recent years, times are changing, and a growing number of players at all levels now yearn for a paddle that offers precise control without sacrificing power and finesse. Selkirk's LUXX Control Air is an attempt to bridge that gap.

The LUXX Control Air aims to help players maintain consistency, enjoy a generous sweet spot, and retain the touch and feel to precisely place the ball where they want it. Selkirk touts several key features to the LUXX Control Air that make it the ultimate paddle for players seeking control.

Carbon Fiber: Selkirk's cutting-edge carbon fiber technology offers an incredible balance between power and control. It allows players to harness their strength and precision to dictate the game while maintaining a high level of finesse.

Refined Throat Design: The new throat design is more aerodynamic, making the paddle more maneuverable and responsive. This feature helps players react quickly to every situation on the court.

Thicker Core: a 20mm thick set core adds to the overall stability of the paddle. The thicker the core, the better the foundation for enhanced feel, enabling players to place the ball with pinpoint accuracy.

In conclusion, Selkirk's LUXX Control Air invites players to step onto the court and play with precision with sacrificing power. Get ready for people to start complimenting your fast hands. This is a paddle designed for those who appreciate the subtleties of the game without losing any offensive tools.