Allyce Jones teaching youth pickleball clinic at Mesa Arizona Cup.
Allyce Jones and Junior PPA participants at the Mesa Arizona Cup. Junior PPA Tour

Allyce Jones teaches youth clinic for Junior PPA

MESA, AZ – It’s no secret that PPA pro, Allyce Jones, absolutely loves pickleball and watching the sport grow in popularity among youngsters, too.

With that in mind, she recently provided instruction at a free youth clinic for kids attending the Mesa Arizona Cup.

“It was so awesome,” said Jones with a big smile.

Jones has a love for coaching. After college, she became a teacher and volleyball coach. She was even named the NFHS Coach of the Year for the West Region of the United States.

Allyce Jones teaches youth pickleball clinic to a group of kids
Allyce Jones teaching youth pickleball clinic at the Mesa Arizona Cup. Junior PPA Tour

“I love teaching pickleball because it’s a sport that kids can pick up easily compared to other sports. All you need is a paddle and a wiffle ball. You don’t even need that much technique at the start, so it’s easy for them to keep the game going,” she explained. 

Jones anticipates continued growth in pickleball's youth scene.

“I think more kids will get into it. The game is just going to accelerate since we’re starting at younger ages,” she shared. “The way the Junior PPA is setting up their tournaments, they’re making it accessible and fun. There’s so many kids coming in and wanting to complete. They love getting to watch the pros play while they get to play, too. It’s just going to continue to grow.”

The clinics are a great way for young players to interact with some of their pro pickleball idols and learn techniques from the greats. Jones went over all the basics like the kitchen rules, dinking, and how to keep score. What really sticks, however, is the interaction and friendships built between the kids in attendance. 

Allyce Jones standing with a group of kids playing pickleball in Mesa, Arizona
Allyce Jones teaching youth clinic at the Mesa Arizona Cup. Junior PPA Tour

Jones' kids are also active in the pickleball community. Her daughter, Leah Jones, was spotted throughout the week in Mesa practicing with her mom. 

“My kid is like my prized possession,” she mentioned. “It’s fun to have her here and just to get to warm up with her sometimes.”

Oftentimes when this mother-daughter pairing were putting in some work, a crowd gathered to watch and learn. 

“I love warming up with her, but trust me, when there’s a crowd around watching, she puts on a show,” said Jones with a laugh.  

For her part, Leah won silver in junior girls singles.

It appears that she's following in her mother's pickleball footsteps already.