Junior pro Luke Geiser holding out a white baseball hat signed by pro players.
Junior pro Luke Geiser showing off a signed hat. Arizona Pickleball League

Documentary review: Breaking Pickleball – Episode 2

DALLAS, TX – Orchard Pickleball released the second episode of their Breaking Pickleball documentary, and folks, things are heating up in the Arizona Pickleball League.

In this episode, we follow the 0-2 Scottsdale Scorchers. If they don’t step up their game quickly, they’ll be the unlucky team that doesn’t make the playoffs, which simply isn't an option for the players or their manager. 

Narrating the majority of the episode is Scorchers member Caden Nemoff, who claims that the squad boasts some of the top talent in the league, but lacks the all-important element of teamwork. 

Unfortunately, the team manager decided to cut one of the women on the team and replace her with Christa Gecheva.

With new talent and better cohesiveness, the Scorchers secured their first victory of the season, beating the Surprise Stingers 49-43.  

Another bright spot in the episode was the introduction of 14-year-old junior pro Luke Geiser, who requested to be referred to as the “pickleball fanatic.” Luke Geiser. Luke shared his love for the sport and the Arizona Pickleball League. 

Geiser is such a massive fan of the league that when asked whether he'll ever play in it someday, he confidently replied: "I don’t think it’s a question of ever, I think it’s a question of when."

Nemoff coaching Geiser on a pickleball court
Nemoff coaching Geiser  Arizona Pickleball League

Geiser’s father, Zack, praises the Arizona Pickleball League for having relatable players that youngsters can look up to. 

It’s also so easy for the kids to engage with their favorite pros through social media, at tournaments, and during Tuesday Night Pickleball.

Geiser is even being coached by Nemoff, too. 

All in all, the story continues to evolve, and it seems like the Scorchers are heading in the right direction.

If you want to watch the series before the filmmakers remove it from YouTube, sign up through this link on Jigsaw Heath. Watch quickly because they’re removing it on April 21.