Peoria Pythons and Tempe Tornadoes playing mixed doubles against each other.
Peoria Pythons and Tempe Tornadoes. Arizona Pickleball League

Documentary review: Breaking Pickleball – Episode 3

DALLAS, TX – In Orchard Pickleball’s latest episode of the Breaking Pickleball documentary, viewers can watch a matchup between two undefeated squads - the 2-0 Peoria Pythons and the 3-0 Tempe Tornadoes.

This episode definitely has the most match film so far, which sounds a little funny since it is a pickleball documentary. There's a lot of practice footage, drilling, and getting ready for the big Tuesday night showdown. 

It also showcased a beautiful highlight-reel of all the four-quarter action, the back-and-forth drama, an ATP, and a come-from-behind victory by the Tornados. 

This episode is building up for the epic showdown that certainly awaits during the finals. 

We also got to meet another impactful figure in the Arizona Pickleball League, Michael Loyd, a pro player on season one’s Peoria Pythons. Loyd comes from a tennis background, and he’s now participating in quite a few pro qualifying PPA and APP tournaments. 

What the documentary has done so well, and continues to do well with every new episode, is sharing these incredible player stories that highlight the power of this sport we love.

They all have such diverse backgrounds, and yet the one thing that unifies them all is pickleball. It just goes to show you how impactful this sport really is. 

If you want to watch the series before the filmmakers remove it from YouTube, sign up via this link on Jigsaw Heath. Watch quickly because they’re removing it on April 21.