The Gilbert Gladiators playing against the Scottsdale Scorchers in mixed doubles.
The Gilbert Gladiators versus the Scottsdale Scorchers. Arizona Pickleball League

Documentary review: Breaking Pickleball – Episode 4

DALLAS, TX – Episode four of the Breaking Pickleball documentary continues to showcase the inaugural season of the Arizona Pickleball League's Tuesday Night tournaments. 

In this episode, viewers get to meet a new face, Kris Heddings, the team captain for the Gilbert Gladiators. Known for his remarkable passion and unfiltered language on the court (don’t worry, the language is censored and kept family-friendly), Heddings is certainly a fascinating player. 

Heddings also acts as a coach whose enthusiasm for supporting and instructing his teammates is infectious and clearly successful in this matchup against the Scottsdale Scorchers. 

What also fascinated me were the roster modification efforts by the Gladiators' team manager in order to secure a playoff spot. It reminded me of some of the recent MLP Draft festivities and subsequent transactions. 

Despite Hedding’s injury, the Gilbert Gladiators dominated the match 69-39 and secured the third seed.

It was also exciting to see a familiar face, Augustus Ge, who temporarily filled in for Caden Nemoff on the Scottsdale Scorchers. Ge turned pro in 2024 and recently went on a fantastic run at the Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina Cup in men’s doubles alongside Jaume Martinez Vich

Augie Ge getting ready to serve the pickleball
Augie Ge Arizona Pickleball League

Ge also shared that the filmmakers held a private showing of the six episodes for all the players who were involved in the league, including himself.

“I highly recommend. It’s an unbelievable watch,” said Ge, who would go on to be drafted for season two of the Arizona Pickleball League by the Gilbert Gladiators.

No doubt about it, the league quickly attracted some of the top players in the state.

If you want to watch the series before the filmmakers remove it from YouTube, sign up through this link on Jigsaw Heath. Watch quickly because they’re removing it on April 21.