Foolproof tips to keep your pickleball-related New Year’s resolution on track

Foolproof tips to keep your pickleball-related New Year’s resolution on track

DALLAS, TX – We’re now 10 days into 2024, and it’s about the time that people tend to start falling off their New Year’s resolutions.

The motivation is beginning to dwindle, those pesky old habits are returning, and you’re back to saying you’re going to play more pickleball without any of the follow-through.

But, don’t worry! You can still turn it around. Old habits don’t have to die hard.

So, whether you added “play more pickleball” to your New Year’s resolutions to improve your fitness, hang out with friends, or find love on the court, here are nine helpful hacks to keep you on track.

1.     Set a specific goal

When it comes to goal-setting, sometimes people can be too vague. If your resolution is simply to “play more pickleball,” that’s too ambiguous. What does hitting the courts more often actually look like in your day-to-day life? How can we actually accomplish that? The key is specificity.

Identify a specific goal that will help you level up your gameplay. Pick any goal that best aligns with you and your pickleball goals, and name it.

Examples are:

o   Level up from my 3.0 bracket to 3.5

o   Perfect an ace serve

o   Medal at the next tournament with my doubles partner

o   Hit an Erne 


As long as your goal is specific, you’ll have a much clearer idea of what you’re working towards, so you’ll be able to take the necessary steps to achieve it.

2.     Visually remind yourself

This is for visual people. It’s the tried-and-true method of putting a sticky note on your bathroom mirror or a photo of the pro you want to emulate on your refrigerator.

When you have this reminder of your goals every single day, it helps serve as a motivational tool to keep you on track and inspire the pursuit of your pickleball objectives.

Visual reminders are an excellent way to stay focused on your goals.
Visual reminders are always an excellent way to stay focused on your goals. PPA Tour

3.     Set out your athletic wear the night before

This works wonders in every area of life. For example, setting out your work outfit the night before to help eliminate the Monday morning scramble. The same goes for your pickleball attire.

If you already have your pickleball outfit prepared, this helps relieve a little bit of extra stress when it comes to worrying about what to wear (or not wear). The less you have to think about it, the better, and the easier it becomes to follow through with your activity.

4.     Have an accountability buddy

This is another classic hack for success. Find a buddy and tackle your goals together. This could be your doubles partner, a neighborhood friend, or anyone whose goals for pickleball greatness align with yours.

Having someone striving towards the same goal alongside you means that you can support each other through the ups and downs of achieving your goals, and create excellent camaraderie along the way. It brings you together and gives you someone to celebrate with when you achieve your goal.

Find a buddy to participate in your goal-achievement efforts.
Find a buddy to participate in your goal-achievement efforts. PPA Tour

5.     Join a league

Similar to having an accountability buddy, this hack is perfect for pickleball players who need an extra motivation boost and want to get out there and meet fellow players. There are hundreds of pickleball leagues across the country and in your neighborhoods.

These leagues are great because there are clear leaders in each group. Organizers take the initiative on making the plan and picking the time and place. For the pickleball players that struggle with planning, leagues are an excellent way to let someone else take the reins. Leagues also provide a perfect venue to meet new friends and other pickleball fanatics.

6.     Embrace overall health

Do all of the good things you already do. Eat the food pyramid, eat plenty of veggies, drink water, and limit alcohol intake. The better you take care of yourself, the healthier you are, and the better you’ll feel. Set yourself up for physical success on the court before you even begin dinking.

7.     Reserve a court

There’s a serious court shortage around the country, so if you’re struggling to get out to the court, find one near you to reserve. Most places require you to pay a small fee to reserve court time. And let’s face it, when money is on the line, you’re more likely to show up and play.

Reserving a court and paying to play will help ensure you show up for your match.
Reserving a court and paying to play will help ensure you show up for your match. PPA Tour

8.     Take a break

Is there such thing as too much pickleball? Surprisingly, yes. Although the limit for us pickleball fanatics can be quite steep, there is a limit. Take a break from pickleball. Meet up with court friends and instead of challenging them to a mixed doubles game, maybe go on a walk, get lunch, or check out the closest pickleball social places in your area.

Take a break from pickleball when you start to get pickleballed out and watch how absence truly makes the heart grow fonder.

9.     Just put on your shoes

When the personal motivation is really lacking, focus on doing one small task at a time. That doesn’t feel nearly as intimidating as running a marathon. Just put on your court shoes.

This concept comes from James Clear’s best-selling novel “Atomic Habits.” He shares this idea of conquering one small task that helps propel your brain to better action. Often times, the hardest part is showing up, and by focusing on putting on your shoes, you’ll have done the hardest part – the first step.

Friends, we’re still so early into the new year. You can absolutely keep that all-important resolution going. Play on.

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