Fudge Says No to Bad Line Calls, Retires from Singles

Fudge Says No to Bad Line Calls, Retires from Singles

Megan Fudge announced that she would no longer take part in singles competition after her winner's bracket final match against Salome Devidze at the recent APP Tour tournament in Houston, TX. 

There were a number of disputed line calls within the match that may have affected the final outcome of the match, and fans on-site reported that the match between Fudge and Devidze became increasingly hostile, with one onlooker stating, "Honestly, I thought they were about to throw hands."

Devidze has been called out by a various of pros on tour for her questionable line calls, including Zane Navratil via the dink's PicklePod. NML Pickleball, a pickleball news outlet, wrote, "Salome Devidze is unquestionably the biggest cheater in pickleball when it comes to line calls. She has no shame."

Fudge did not call Salome Devidze out by name in her social media post, but it was clear which pro she was referring to. Fudge declared that she was not targeting anyone, but simply asking for a rule to be implemented that would apply to all players across the board and help eliminate an excess of overrules during matches.

See Megan Fudge's original post below: