Glozman’s wild ride has been successful in 2023

Glozman’s wild ride has been successful in 2023

DALLAS, TX - Heck, it’s barely been six months since her former teammate on the Cal tennis team, Anna Bright, called her and asked if she wanted to come on out and play in a pro event.

Yes, that actually happened. And yes, Glozman’s ascension in the pickleball world has been fast and furious.

“It’s definitely been quite the ride,” she said after competing this weekend at the Indoor Championships on the APP Tour in Chicago. “To look back on the past six months and reflect on how much has happened in such little time is really crazy.”

Crazy is one way to put it. From unknown to the PPA Tour, competing in APP events as well as playing in Major League Pickleball, too, and not just playing in MLP, but making the jump from the Challenger to the Premier Level.

That’s a full 2023.

So, what’s next for Glozman?

“As cliché as this may sound, my main goals for 2024 and beyond are just to keep having fun with the sport and be the best I can be,” she said. “With how rigorous our travel schedule is and how long our tournament days and weeks can be, finding a good group of friends and a solid support system is very important, along with prioritizing both my mental and physical health.”

In Chicago for the APP Indoor Championships . Glozman finished fourth in women’s doubles, partnering with Alix Truong. She and Yates Johnson were bounced out in the quarterfinals in the mixed doubles bracket. But it’s been a great season on the APP Tour for Glozman. She has eight medals, including a gold and three silvers.

“I have loved playing on the APP tour,” Glozman said. “I think one of the most important things when starting out is getting in as many matches under your belt as possible, and the APP really gave me a chance to do just that. It has also been a lot of fun getting to know everyone on this tour, and I consider almost all of my competitors my close friends as well.”

That’s probably one of the reasons why Bright decided to give Glozman a call earlier this summer for a PPA event. Glozman didn’t medal on the PPA Tour this year in limited action, but with the merger in place between the MLP and the PPA, expect her to make a few medal stands in 2024.

“Getting to play with Anna at my first PPA is definitely one of my favorite pickleball memories. That was kind of where everyone first saw me and started taking notice,” she said. “We had a blast playing together and I am grateful to her and everyone I met there for being so incredibly nice and welcoming me into the pickle sphere.”