Dylan Frazier in all white at the 2024 PPA Masters.
Dylan Frazier at the PPA Masters in January. PPA Tour

How to dress like a pickleball pro... Dylan Frazier edition

DALLAS, TX – My mixed doubles partner dressed like Ben Johns, and let me tell you, our mixed doubles partnership instantly got better.

He was slicing and flicking like a pro – or at least a decent 4.0 player at our community courts with the older ladies. 

After seeing a vast improvement, he sent me on a mission to help him emulate another pro he admires: Dylan Frazier

Let's go! I’m up for the challenge. 

Dylan Frazier in all black playing mixed doubles with Callie Smith at Atlanta Open
Dylan Frazier and Callie Smith at the Atlanta Open last season. PPA Tour

Interestingly enough, Frazier is one of the few top-ranked pickleball players without a tennis background.

His outfits are a bit more reserved than Johns’ looks. Frazier prefers a minimal color palette, usually all black.

My first stop is Pickleball Central and their Selkirk section because Frazier loves to rock the brand head-to-toe. 

This classic short sleeve crew shirt is the perfect choice to mix and match with everything. Available in black, blue, and gray, I added the black one to my cart for a Frazier-approved Championship Sunday look.

Dylan Frazier and JW Johnson playing pickleball at Mesa Arizona Cup
Dylan Frazier and JW Johnson at the 2024 Mesa Arizona Cup. PPA Tour

To recreate his winning attire from the Mesa Arizona Cup, I also ordered the black pro line stretch woven shorts. They're breathable, comfy, and fit for a pro.

Frazier is also a fan of crew socks, so I’m going for the Heritage pickleball socks to add a subtle pop of color to my partner’s monochromatic look.

It’s also time to invest in a quality pickleball backpack. With all the training and traveling to tournaments undoubtedly required to become the next Frazier, my partner needs a sturdy backpack like the pros.

With that in mind, I’ve selected the core line tour backpack for him to carry all of his pickleball necessities. While I’m partial to pink, I’ll get the black or red backpack for him.  

Dylan Frazier holding gold trophy at PPA Masters tournament
Dylan Frazier at the 2024 PPA Masters. PPA Tour

With this look, my partner will be one step closer to playing just as well as Frazier and JW Johnson in Mesa!