Two moms and their sons smiling with their pickleball paddles
Daniella Eisman, Bennett Miller, Sam Libo, and Polina Libo at PPA tournaments  Eisman and Libo

Junior PPA parent tip: Partnering up with your kid

DALLAS, TX – Pickleball is truly a sport for people of all ages, and with more family members following in the footsteps of Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters, parents joining forces with their kids in doubles is becoming more commonplace. 

In fact, Junior PPA parents can’t recommend it enough.

Sharing the court and competing as teammates is truly a unique experience.

Daniela Eisman and Polina Libo have some good advice for playing pickleball with your kid. 

“Get them off the Internet and off technology,” said Libo. 

She and her son, Sam, frequently play mixed doubles together in PPA tournaments. They’ve enjoyed success and strengthened their relationship in the process.  

“Go play with them. It’s a bonding experience that they will take with them forever. It’s the most special thing,” added Libo.

Polina Libo standing on a podium alongside her son
Polina Libo and her family at a PPA Tournament Polina Libo

Libo shared some obstacles she struggles with, too.

As a tennis coach and her son’s pickleball coach, it’s tricky going from being his mentor to being his teammate.  

“It gets difficult sometimes. I’m the alpha and Sam wants to have all the shots, but when you’re playing with your son, you can’t get upset. You want to guide him to be a better person on the court,” she explained.

Eisman, meanwhile, has a different approach to playing with her son, Bennett Miller, but it’s just as effective for their team.  

“It’s a little tough playing mother and son when you’re trying to be a mom and also a partner. I kind of let him be the star. I’m the support, the backup, and I let him take the middle balls. When we play like that, then we do really well because he's better than me,” explained Eisman.

Daniella Eisman and her son, Bennett Miller smiling with their medals at the PPA Masters
Daniella Eisman and Bennett Miller at the PPA Masters Daniella Eisman

“It’s a balance trying to be a parent and a teammate. I just stay positive. It doesn’t matter what’s happening on the court. We have to stay positive, keep up the good energy, and stay in a good mindset because the minute that shifts, people get in their head, they don’t play well, and they no longer have fun,” she added.

No matter the outcome of the match, both these Junior PPA parents prioritize the love of the game, as well as making great memories with their kids.

After all, that’s what this is all about. 

“The bottom line is we just need to go out there and have fun. When we’re having fun, that’s when we play our best. That’s my biggest takeaway,” concluded Eisman. 

“If the parent is able to be active and join, I think that should be a goal for each parent to play with their child on the court,” insisted Libo.