Group of four people playing mixed doubles
Four recreational pickleball players. ShutterStock

What do you call pickleball players? Wrong answers only

DALLAS, TX – The Pickleball Facebook Forum never fails to capture my interest.

Some comments make me laugh, others make me cringe, and a few even baffle me because they're just so incredibly bold.

Enter a rather unique question from Jason C. Stout: “What are some other names you call a pickleball player? Wrong answers encouraged.”

You know this is going to be a trip.

“Peak athleticism,” said Cody Heyer. 

That feels a little bit like a dig, Cody. So what if the sport began in retirement communities? We’ve made the No. 1 spot on SportsCenter!

“Cult followers,” mentioned Troy York. Well, if it’s a cult, then it’s one I’m gladly a part of. Although it makes me wonder… who is our leader?

“We call one young guy ‘The Flying Squirrel’ because he’s all over the place,” wrote Cindy Maniglia. 

That isn't too far off from pro Jay Devilliers, who's affectionately known as “The Flying Frenchman.”

“We call our guy Spider Man,” added Elvie Dela Torre.

Jay Devilliers jumping to get a pickleball
Jay Devilliers at the 2023 USA Pickleball National Championships. PPA Tour

Seems like every court has one of those sporadic, chaotic, and jumpy players. Much love to those kinds of athletes because they're extremely entertaining. 

“We have a local guy who only slices the ball and he thinks it’s the best shot in the world. We call him The Chopper,” said Thomas Erin-Warren Elliott. 

“We call our guy The Spin Doctor,” added Gina Fairchild. 

There’s also always a guy who loves one specific shot. It’s like they’re a 5.0 player in one shot and a 3.0 in all the others. Let’s work on our versatility, Choppers and Spinners. 

“The Mummy, she’s always covered in KT tape,” wrote Brian Kopia.

“Lobster, the ones that always lob,” mentioned Leslie Brooks Shinpoch. 

Well, it is the year of the lobs. 

“Former tennis player. Former ping pong player. Former racquetball player,” said Andy Castle. 

Okay, we don’t need the sass, Castle. Yeah maybe 60% of the sport consists of former tennis, ping pong, and racquetball players – but this is our "peak athleticism" to circle back to the top of this article. 

Oh well. We’re in a cult, we’ve got a few shots we can’t stop playing, and we're likely sporting our fair share of KT tape. But, that's the way we like it!

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