World No. 1 Johns: 'I feel great heading into the Finals'

World No. 1 Johns: 'I feel great heading into the Finals'

DALLAS, TX - World No. 1 Ben Johns is primed for the CIBC PPA Finals, which get underway later this week in Southern California.

“I feel great heading into the Finals,” Johns said. “I’m looking forward to going to San Clemente.”

The Finals have a new format. Players were divided into pools ahead of the round-robin competition, and the winner of each pool proceeds to the semi-finals.

“It’s new, but it’s kinda not new since it’s actually taken directly from how tennis does it with their year-end finals,” Johns said. “I’m pretty familiar with the format and how it works. This is just the first time we’re doing it with pickleball. It’s a cool thing to emulate, and I think it’ll do really well.”

As per usual, Johns has a packed schedule ahead with appearances in singles, doubles (with Collin Johns) and mixed doubles (with Anna Leigh Waters) on tap. 

His mentality for the Finals, however, is no different than any other tournament. He trusts his preparation and training.

“I'm just continuing my regular practice and taking care of the body,” Johns said. “There is some additional focus because I know this is the end of the year. It’s the home stretch of the season. I feel like most people by this time are pretty tired, so my goal is to try and not lose focus. I’d like to end the season strong.”

After the Finals, there is nearly a month-long break before the start of the 2024 PPA Tour campaign on Jan. 9 in Palm Springs, CA.

Johns has some exciting plans to recharge.

“There’s Christmas and the holidays with the family, of course. I also have a trip to Washington with my girlfriend to do some Christmassy stuff. I also have a trip to California to see a friend,” Johns said. “A little friend, a little family, a little girlfriend, a little bit of each and some leisure time.”