A Game Built on Creative Thinking

What started out as a backyard game relying on a hodgepodge of gear from other racket games like badminton and ping-pong, quickly evolved and came into its own. In the early days, the founders of Pickle-ball® soon jettisoned ping-pong paddles, and began creating their own rackets using wood and a jigsaw.

In an effort to create an even better paddle, the founders of the game at Pickle-ball® Inc. began experimenting with different materials. They started acquiring scrap aerospace materials, which were not only extremely light but exceptionally durable.

As Pickle-ball® has grown, so has the demand for paddles made of high-tech materials. Now, instead of taking the scraps from big aerospace companies, Pickle-ball® Inc. is able to custom-order the most advanced materials specifically for Pickle-ball® paddles.

Pickle-ball® nets have evolved as well. In the beginning, players simply lowered the nets of badminton courts. Today, there are light, portable, durable nets made specifically for pickle-ball® using advanced materials.