Vintage Champion Aluminum Paddle

Our 2016 Champion Aluminum model is now available which means the 2015 Models must go. Beginners and experts both love the Champion Aluminum for it’s fantastic feel. It has become known for top-notch power on put-away shots and great ball control on dink shots. Now you can save $10.00 on our Vintage-look 2015 model Champion Aluminum paddles. You can’t beat these savings!

Our Champion Aluminum core paddles are designed for players who want control and precision. The Champion Aluminum paddle has a natural fiberglass finish (unpainted) which provides incredible pop and response.  The color selection is determined only by the color of the screen art work and logo.


Product Features

  • Manufactured with Cushion (tennis) grip


  • Your choice between 4 different screen colors


    • Red, Blue, Green and Purple


Product Specs

  • Weight: 7.75 - 8.3 oz's


  • Height: 15 3/4"


  • Width: 8 1/4"


  • Aluminum Core and Fiberglass face



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