Lightweight Black Net

The Lightweight Pickleball Net is a simple, no-fuss solution for players who need to set up an impromptu pickleball court. This net is popular in schools or gyms with existing standards and can double as a badminton net or be used for pickleball with badminton net standards.

This net is lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal to bring on trips or to a friend’s house so you can introduce them to the game. This net doesn’t come with any additional frame system, posts or sleeves, meaning you’ll need to tie it to pre-existing posts or put together makeshift supports.

 Made in Taiwan


  • Great beginners net
  • Intended for use with our old water fillable base net system.


  • Size: 21' x 30''  with 1/2'' mesh
  • Grommets with 18" rope to easily attach to posts of fencing

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