Christian Alshon serving at Atlanta Open
Christian Alshon competing at the Atlanta Open. PPA Tour

Alshon takes to Twitter, says 'Pickleball has made me a much better athlete than tennis ever did’

CARY, NC – In the middle of all the action at the North Carolina Cup, Christian Alshon tweeted an especially hot take.

This tweet certainly got people's attention, since pickleball is regularly teased and criticized for being a sport primarily for the elderly.

At the pro level, however, athleticism and skill are always on display. These players even have training programs that rival any pro athlete. 

The comment section blew up with opinions from fellow pickleball pros, amateurs, and tennis pro, Nick Kyrgios. 

“If I made that tweet a year ago, no one would’ve cared, nobody important would’ve cared, and now I make it and everybody loses their minds. To me, that says something about where pickleball is at right now and where it’s going. The competition is scary,” said Alshon. 

He stands by his tweet that pickleball takes a more challenging skill set compared to tennis. 

“It could be a five-hour long debate over which sport is harder, as far as endurance,” shared Alshon. “Just look at me, I’m going through four shirts in one match. I’m drenched in sweat from singles playing for 45 minutes.”

Another former tennis pro turned author added his opinion to this as well: “That might be because you were playing a pretty low level of tennis. Maybe if you were familiar with the athleticism it takes to excel at the sport you would realize how ridiculous this statement is.” 

Alshon, couldn't help but respond. 

No matter who gets up in arms about this claim, from tennis legends to Alshon’s opponents and teammates on the professional pickleball court, Alshon maintains his stance. 

And as far as all the uproar and publicity this tweet is receiving, Alshon said with a smile: “It’s nothing new. I’m used to it.”