Anna Leigh Waters competing at the Mesa Arizona Cup.
Anna Leigh Waters competing at the Mesa Arizona Cup. PPA Tour

Anna Leigh Waters showcases singles dominance again

MESA, AZ – World No. 1 Anna Leigh Waters didn't give third-seeded Lea Jansen much to work with during their semifinal matchup on Saturday at the Mesa Arizona Cup.

Despite coming away with an 11-5, 11-3 victory, Waters had a slow start to both games, though, quickly trailing by a couple of points. 

“I’m a slow starter usually,” shared Waters. “I try to get myself out of that as quickly as possible because if I don’t do that, those two points can turn into four points, then six points, and that’s not good.”

The 17-year-old relishes the opportunity to battle Jansen when the stakes are high.

“I’ve been playing Lea since I was maybe 11, so it’s been this six-year long battle between us,” explained Waters. “I think the conditions here suit my game really well. It plays a little colder on [Humana] Championship Court, so you can hit flatter, more penetrating balls, and that’s what I’m good at doing.”

There was also a notable change in Waters' game, too – a different serve.

She featured a running serve a couple of times during the contest.

“It’s not a serve I’m regularly trying to do, but I’ll bring it out every now and then,” shared Waters. “If it’s a tight moment, I probably won’t use it since it’s so new, but I’ll piece it in when I feel comfortable and it can keep getting better.” 

Waters, of course, is a familiar face on Championship Sunday, and she always brings her best on the biggest stage.