Overhead shot of a mixed doubles match on the APP Tour.
Andrei Daescu, Susannah Barr, John Cincola, and Tammy Emmrich. APP Tour

APP pros look like Megan Fox

DALLAS, TX – Pickleball pros clearly love reality TV as much as the rest of us because the APP tour recently poked fun at the latest trending topic in pop culture right now, Megan Fox’s lookalike.

Inspired by a moment from Netflix’s hit show, Love is Blind, contestant Chelsea Blackwell said her celebrity lookalike is Megan Fox, which immediately went viral with watchers calling out the discrepancy. 

Blackwell does not resemble the American actress, and the APP took it and ran with it. 

In the video, APP players such as Shelby Bates, Alix Truong, Mari Humberg, and Richard Livornese Jr. all claim they look just like Megan Fox.

None of them even remotely resemble the actress.

Despite the teasing and harsh criticisms, Blackwell has been taking the heat in stride. 

The post even found its way onto her Instagram feed, where she even left a comment on the pro pickleball tour’s post with several laughing emojis. 

Not sure if the pros look like Megan Fox, but they definitely look like MGK’s girlfriend.