Vivienne David and Thomas Wilson playing pickleball.
Vivienne David and Thomas Wilson at the 2024 Veolia Austin Open. PPA Tour

Best pickleball team names: Mixed doubles edition

DALLAS, TX – Tournament season is in full swing, and that means pickleball players across the country are putting their doubles skills to the test. 

There are plenty of unbelievably clever names for dynamic duos these days.

In fact, the vast majority of pickleballers could give professional comedians a run for their money in this department. 

Here are some of the best team names, as suggested in the Pickleball Facebook Forum:

Pickleball Puns

·      Lob Lords – Penny Aguilera
·      Hit and miss – Kenneth Lowe
·      Everything but the Kitchen Dink – Diane Klimek
·      The Kitchen Kaboodle – Dave McCormick
·      Dinks and Dolls – Betsy Ann Raglin 

Pickle Puns

·      The Dillbillies – Jerry Kring
·      Brine Breeze – Cheryl Sutphen Avola
·      Double Dills – Christine Haslett
·      Hold the Pickles – Shay Dassa

Just Plain Funny

·      Volley Llamas – Matt Shanor
·      Mid Court Crisis – Lee Whitwell
·      Dopplebangers – Steve Smola
·      Big Dink Energy – Eric Rausa
·      Pickle Ball and Chain – Gary Allison
·      Buffalo Dills – Josh Riley
·      Networkers – Rebecca Hose
·      Red Hot Chili Picklers – Brad Jones

Be sure to keep an eye out for some great pickleball team names at your next tournament.

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