Mary and Maggie Brascia playing pickleball
Mary and Maggie Brascia are into the women's doubles quarterfinals at the Mesa Arizona Cup. PPA Tour

Brascias cause upset in sister showdown

MESA, AZ – Mary and Maggie Brascia didn't come to Arizona to play around.

Seeded 10th in women’s doubles, the sisters battled fifth-seeded Jade and Jackie Kawamoto in the ultimate sister showdown. 

The match was a clinic in beautiful rallies from start to finish, ending in a 13-11, 11-8 victory for the Brascias.

“We’ve played them twice before and they’re always close matches,” said Maggie.

“The Kawamotos are our friends, so it’s always a battle. It was a fun match and we’re glad we came out on top,” added Mary. 

“We’ve been playing together for a while now, but we’ve been working on our team chemistry and being more aggressive with this new ball. We tend to be super defensive players, so we’re looking to be more initiators,” noted Maggie. 

No matter who their next opponents are, Mary is confident with her sister by her side.

“If we can execute what we’ve been practicing, having different styles of gameplay and being super adaptable, we’ll be able to do it,” insisted Mary.