Zendaya waving to the camera, holding a tennis racket.
Zendaya MGM

Could Zendaya be a pickleballer? 

DALLAS, TX – Racket sports are really trending in media right now thanks to the new MGM sports and romance movie, “Challengers,” starring ZendayaMike Faist and Josh O’Connor.

The movie tells the fictional story of Tashi (played by Zendaya), a tennis prodigy turned coach, who’s married to a tennis champion on a losing streak. Her strategy to help kickstart her husband’s career again takes a turn when he must play against his former best friend and Tashi’s former boyfriend.  

Despite the turf wars and tension between pickleball and tennis, a tweet from World No. 2 Catherine Parenteau added to the coversation about the film. 

Parenteau replied to a clip of Zendaya and her stunt double moving through a serve and return sequence in preparation for the movie.  

At the end of the clip, Zendaya tapped rackets with her stunt double. 

While paddle taps aren't exclusive to pickleball culture, it’s customary in amateur and rec play, all the way up to the pros. 

Zendaya likely underwent a fair amount of tennis training for her role as Tashi, but after that tap, I can’t help but wonder if the actress has hit the pickleball court...

Jokes have already begun to circulate online that “Challengers 2” would be about these characters venturing into the world of pro pickleball. 

Honestly, I’m all for it. Give me a Zendaya pickleball movie and I think the world would be a beautiful place.  

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