Genie Bouchard in all white at the PPA Tour Masters in January.
Genie Bouchard at the PPA Masters in January. PPA Tour

Genie Bouchard visits PPA HQ, talks pickleball fashion

DALLAS, TX – Genie Bouchard stopped by PPA Tour headquarters in the Lone Star State on Wednesday for a quick behind-the-scenes tour and some media work. 

After making her PPA Tour debut in January, Bouchard continues to hone her pickleball skills as she embarks on a new career in America's fastest-growing sport while continuing to play professional tennis as well.

Pickleball and tennis aside, the 29-year-old Canadian also has quite an eye for fashion.  

Case in point, Bouchard arrived at the season-opening PPA Masters wearing all white, as per the traditional dress code, including a trendy New Balance skirt, quarter-zip, and visor.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that she earned a spot on the best dressed list so soon.

“I love fashion,” shared Bouchard. “I think it’s very important to look good because when you look good, you feel good and you play well. I found that in my tennis career thus far and I will definitely be bringing that to the pickleball court as well.”

If her pickleball attire will be anything like her tennis fits, this will be a good year of pickleball fashion.

Genie Bouchard playing pickleball at PPA Masters Tournament
Genie Bouchard competing in Palm Springs earlier this year. PPA Tour

During her visit, Bouchard also got a look at her new VERSIX paddle, which comes in electric blue and vibrant pink.

Admittedly, she is partial to the pink. 

“I love pink. I love girly colors. I’m a bit of a tomboy, but there’s a couple of girly things and colors I like, so that’s why I’m so happy that my paddle came out pink. That’s what I wanted,” mentioned Bouchard. 

The Montreal native plans on matching her paddle with her outfits, making it a proper pickleball accessory.

“With New Balance, I’ll have different looks throughout the year, so hopefully some will be pink to match. We’ll see what we get, but I’ll always have some pink hair clips,” revealed Bouchard. 

The former Wimbledon finalist has clearly established herself as a fashion icon in women’s singles, and she's looking to make her mark in doubles as well.

“I’d love to coordinate outfits with my doubles partners,” shared Bouchard. “I know in tennis, it’s a big thing. At some events, you’re generally asked to have similar colors in doubles, so I’d love to do that on the pickleball court, too. I think it makes the team look more put together and cohesive.”

Up next for Bouchard is the Carvana Mesa Arizona Cup. She’ll be playing mixed doubles with Greg Dow and women’s doubles with Chao Yi Wang.

As for her fashion choices at Bell Bank Park... stay tuned.