Alix Troung at a studio with blue lighting illuminating her silhouette.
Alix Troung at PPA Media Day. PPA Tour

Highlights from PPA Media Day 

PEACHTREE CORNERS, GA – Media day is exciting for both the pros and those of us behind the camera, too.

The players arrived at the studio ready to strike their best game face. 

More than 100 pros were photographed over the course of two days. 

There were some especially fun moments, like when Jaume Martinez Vich jumped at least 50 times so that perfect shot of his backhand could be captured. And Christian Alshon, of course, needed to hit a tweener for his action shot. 

Christian Alshon posing to hit a shot between the legs
Christian Alshon at PPA Media Day PPA Tour
Meanwhile, World No. 1 singles star Federico Staksrud was traumatized by the 'What’s in the Box Challenge' that was conducted for the PPA Tour's Instagram account. 

Alex and Angie Walker posed for an adorable sister photoshoot. 

Chuck Taylor showed off the first wooden paddle he ever played with alongside his current JOOLA paddle.

Chuck Taylor holding a JOOLA paddle and an old wooden paddle
Chuck Taylor at PPA Media Day PPA Tour

Anna Bright and Rachel Rohrabacher participated in their own awkward photoshoot and took their doubles partnership to the next level in the process.

Anna Bright lying on a stool and Rachel Rohrabacher holding her legs with bored faces
Anna Bright and Rachel Rohrabacher at PPA Media Day PPA Tour

We got to see Callie Smith with her hair down and without the iconic ribbon.

And listen to the backstory behind Michael Loyd’s piercings and extensive jewelry collection. 

Anna Leigh Waters' mom, Leigh Waters, showed up in her classic Gucci fit and joined her daughter for a photo. 

Anna Leigh and Leigh Waters posing on a photoshoot
Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters at PPA Media Day PPA Tour

The incredible team from PickleballTV was there as well, filming some fun videos of select pros that will soon be broadcast across the globe.

Basically, all the promotional content with pickleball's brightest stars was shot over the last couple of days.

And we’ve got all the pictures to prove it.

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