James Ignatowich hits a pickleball forehand.
James Ignatowich competing on the PPA Tour. PPA Tour

Ignatowich withdraws from mixed doubles at Veolia Houston Open

ATASCOCITA, TX - James Ignatowich withdrew from the mixed doubles portion of the Veolia Houston Open for precautionary reasons on Friday.

“It’s more precautionary than anything else since I still have some lingering soreness. Especially coming back from injury, where I had to miss two tournaments,” he explained. “Mixed doubles is so physical, especially when we’re not using the progressive draw and play takes place all in one day. I was thinking of playing through it, but it’s not worth the risk.”

The 21-time PPA medalist has been dealing with a shoulder injury that he sustained ahead of the Carvana Mesa Arizona Cup in February.

Ignatowich's mixed doubles partner, Anna Bright, said she was supportive of his decision to ensure he’s fully back to health before returning to mixed doubles. 

He will still compete in the men’s doubles bracket on Saturday alongside Matt Wright.