JOOLA Pickleball players with the new Gen 3 paddles.
JOOLA Pickleball's Gen 3 paddles. JOOLA Pickleball

JOOLA releases new Gen 3 paddle line

DALLAS, TX - The most highly anticipated paddle release of the year so far is here, with JOOLA coming out with its Generation 3 paddle lineup.

One of the upgrades in the Gen 3 paddles is the “Propulsion Core” that was engineered to create a ‘catapult effect’ that helps the paddle react to each player’s playstyle.

“The new technology allows for explosive power on drives, counters, and speed ups, but with refined feel and control on dinks, drops, and resets,” said JOOLA Product Manager Austin Kim.


Newly signed JOOLA pro Tyson McGuffin’s signature Magnus paddle is also included with the Gen 3 releases and features a longer paddle surface with a shorter handle.

The Gen 3 paddle collection will be available for purchase starting April 23 at Pickleball Central, where each purchase includes two free pickleballs, rewards points, and a free 30-day paddle test period.