Four multicolored pickleball paddles
RAD Pickleball paddles RAD Pickleball

Look rad and play rad: RAD Pickleball brings SoCal surfer culture to America's fastest-growing sport

DALLAS, TX – One of my favorite aesthetics is that Southern California beach bum style that’s generally associated with surf and skate culture. It’s snapbacks and bright colors, comfortable fabrics, and bold patterns.

And now, there’s a brand that captures that style, but with a pickleball spin.  

RAD Pickleball was founded by three lifelong friends from the beaches of Orange County, the epicenter of action sports, who hoped to infuse that same vibrant style and attitude into the picklesphere.

Three multicolored pickleball paddles laying on a pickleball court
RAD Pickleball paddles and pickleballs RAD Pickleball

"We grew up with the influence of legendary brands like Quiksilver, Volcom, RVCA, and many other iconic action sports brands. Their impact is woven into our DNA, showing how essential core brands are in shaping a sport's culture and style," said Evan Dorian, co-founder of RAD Pickleball. 

Like many of us, the friends played a lot of pickleball during the COVID-19 pandemic. But, they were dissatisfied with the paddles from an aesthetics standpoint. 

"We come from diverse creative backgrounds and knew we could create paddles that blend innovation, style, and personality," insisted Dorian.

One of the brightest spots for RAD Pickleball is their paddle designs. They work with different artists to create unique artwork that can satisfy any pickleballer's preference. 

“We wanted to exude personality, style, and flare on the paddles because they’re basically a blank canvas, so you can just paint whatever you want on it,” said Dorian. 


Julia Duggan Sbicca created the designs for the pastel and groovy paddles. Steve Tipton designed the Double Dip and Lucid Dream to deliver some psychedelic flare to the paddle options. And Madsteez, a renowned graffiti artist, brought dynamic and colorful graffiti style to the court. 

Dorian is particularly fond of the Madsteez Face Pro paddle.

“It's truly one-of-a-kind and there’s nothing like it on the market. It’s built with T-700 raw carbon fiber. And it’s just a statement piece. You start playing with this and people are going to notice it. If you really want to stand out, that’s one I recommend,” explained Dorian. “I also love The Beverly paddle. It took a lot of work to pull that one off with the custom grip color and the custom color on the guardrail, I’m really proud of that one.”

Sage green palm leaf pickleball paddle held by a woman on a pickleball court
The Beverly Paddle RAD Pickleball
“We wanted something that resonated with everyone so people could come on our site and find a paddle that matches their style and personality. As we keep evolving, we’ll continue to work with artists that we see as a good fit,” he added. 

RAD Pickleball is just getting started with their eye-catching designs as they continue to expand their portfolio of artists. Just looking at the kind of artists they work with, it’s clear to see the influence of the action sports lifestyle brands that the founders were so fond of growing up.  

White RAD Pickleball t-shirt hanging over a pickelball net next to colorful paddles
Play RAD photoshoot RAD Pickleball

“At the heart of RAD Pickleball are our core values: creativity, quality, and community. We are focused on making paddles that look rad and play rad,” concluded Dorian.  

Hence, the name: RAD Pickleball. 

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