Jhonnatan Medina-Alvarez playing pickleball.
Jhonnatan Medina-Alvarez at the 2024 North Carolina Cup. PPA Tour

Medina-Alvarez upsets Sock in Round of 32 at PPA North Carolina

CARY, NC – Upset alert. The No. 43 seed Jhonnatan Medina-Alvarez defeated No. 11 seed Jack Sock in the Round of 32 on Wednesday.

Sock won the first game 11-4, but Medina-Alvarez won the ensuing two games 11-4, 11-0 to come out on top.

“I’m ecstatic,” said Medina-Alvarez. “I’ve been putting in the work. Every day at 5 a.m. I’m up training before I go to work. I have a full-time job, a baby and a wife, and that’s the thing I love about pickleball. You always have a chance, and if you’re committed to your dreams, you can make it happen.”

On Tuesday, Medina-Alvarez defeated the No. 22 seed Tyler Loong.

But, he had a plan going up against Sock.

“Jack is such a great player. I wanted him to know that I had a presence on the court and I was going to be physical,” said Medina-Alvarez. “I’m just grateful, I really am.”

He will battle Jaume Martinez Vich or Eric Roddy on Thursday.

As for his plan moving forward...

“I’m going to eat and enjoy my time here. Every day is a gift,” concluded Medina-Alvarez.


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