Hayden Patriquin hits a serve.
Hayden Patriquin and Gabriel Tardio competing for the St. Louis Shock at MLP D.C. Major League Pickleball

MLP announces pick order for first waiver period

DALLAS, TX - The pick order is available for the first waiver period of the 2024 MLP season. Each squad will have a chance to send one of its players to waivers and pick up a player not currently on a team.


The full waiver order goes in reverse order of most points per match to account for the difference in the number of matches that teams have played so far.

If teams are averaging the same number of points per match, match win percentage will serve as the first tiebreaker. If that value is the same, the second tiebreaker will be game win percentage.

There are two rounds of selections per waiver period at each level. The Premier waiver period begins Thursday at noon ET, with the Challenger waiver period set to start on Friday at the same time.

Premier Level teams will act in the following order:

Challenger Level teams will act in the following order:

Teams will make their picks (if they chose to make roster changes) every fifteen minutes.

There are three categories of players available to be picked up on waivers:

  • ·      Players who filled in as injury replacements at MLP Washington D.C. (this includes Quang Duong, Spencer Smith, and Yates Johnson)
  • ·      MLP contracted players who are not currently on a team
  • ·      Non-MLP contracted players, as long as they have a signed contract before they compete for a team

Click here for more information about the inaugural waiver period of the MLP season.