MLP, PPA players endure pay cuts

MLP, PPA players endure pay cuts

DALLAS, TX - Ahead of their final events of the season, MLP and the PPA are making moves that could make the tension off the court as high as it is on it.

Both organizations asked their contracted players to take pay cuts for the 2024 season on Tuesday.

The extent and implications of these requests, though, differ considerably between the two organizations.

MLP is asking all of its contracted players to take 40% pay cuts, but it’s really more of a demand because the cuts are mandatory.

The demand comes on the heels of the company’s split with commissioner Brooks Wiley.

Players under contract with the organization are required to work 200 days out of the year to earn a full salary, so that requirement has been lowered proportionally to 120 days to match the pay cut.

The pay cuts driven by the PPA, on the other hand, are not mandated and are taken voluntarily by the players, ranging from 25-40%.

World No. 1 Ben Johns and James Ignatowich are among the players to have taken pay cuts so far.

“Yes, I’m taking a pay cut, but if it’s for the good of the sport overall, I’m for it,” said Johns. “I think we all knew the recent contract increases were massively overpaid and not likely to be sustainable. If we grow responsibly, we’ll get there eventually.”

Ignatowich shared similar thoughts as Johns.

“The most important thing to me is the long-term sustainability of professional pickleball. With the way contracts were originally structured, that sustainability was seriously in jeopardy,” said Ignatowich. “That's why I took a pay cut, and I hope to help set a precedent that will help us all continue to grow the sport in a reasonable way.”

The CIBC PPA Finals will be played from Thursday, Nov. 30 to Sunday, Dec. 3 in San Clemente, CA.

MLP's Season 2 Playoffs will follow on Monday, Dec. 4 and Tuesday, Dec. 5.