Most viewed PPA Tour matches on YouTube in 2023

Most viewed PPA Tour matches on YouTube in 2023

DALLAS, TX – There were countless examples of spectacular gameplay from PPA Tour athletes during the 2023 season.

Several matches boomed in popularity in the digital space via the PPA Tour's YouTube channel

Here are the three most popular matches from the past 12 months:

No. 1: Ben Johns/Anna Leigh Waters vs. Anna Bright/James Ignatowich - Seattle


Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns have always been a dominating mixed doubles duo, but James Ignatowich and Anna Bright provide stiff competition and often give the sport's most accomplished players a run for their money.

One of their more memorable battles was the gold medal match on July 30 at the Baird Wealth Management Seattle Open.

Johns and Waters won the first game 11-4, before Ignatowich and Bright stormed back with an 11-7 showing in the second to even things up.

Johns and Waters took over from there, though, winning 11-4 in the third and 11-6 in the fourth to capture another title with relative ease.

No. 2: Jack Sock/John Isner vs. Jessie Irvine/Anna Leigh Waters (Exhibition)


“Tennis Pros vs. Pickleball Pros” is the perfect way to describe this match.

Jessie Irvine and Waters show Jack Sock and John Isner why tennis players aren't guaranteed instant success on the pickleball court.

In this exhibition match from January, Irvine and Waters dominate the first game by pickling their opponents 11-0.

But, Sock and Isner find their footing in the second and third, with 11-9 and 13-11 victories, respectively, to complete the comeback.

Where things really get interesting, however, is in the video's comment section with debates over tennis pros playing pickleball, comments on the battle of the sexes, and predictions about how Sock and Isner will ultimately perform at the highest level.

No. 3: Championship Sunday matches from Florida Open


This video provides an outstanding overview of just how enjoyable Championship Sunday at a PPA Tour event can be.

The first match on Mar. 12 at Pictona is a men’s singles contest between Ben Johns and rising star Collin Shick, who made an oustanding run to earn the right to play for gold. Johns emerges victorious, but Shick displays his promising skills.

Then, Waters and Catherine Parenteau face Lacy Schneemann and Jade Kawamoto in women's doubles action. Waters and Parenteau shine, of course, and get the job done.

Next, the Johns brothers go head-to-head with Julian Arnold and Thomas Wilson in men's doubles. Things get spicy right off the bat with a challenge over a line call on the second point of the match.

Arnold and Wilson's celebration regarding the call is particularly interesting, too.

That reaction sparked some tension that exploded later in the season between Arnold and Collin Johns.

In mixed doubles, Ben and Anna Leigh down Parenteau and Tyson McGuffin to cap their Championship Sunday in style and complete the Triple Crown.

Finally, Parenteau cruises past Lea Jansen to win gold in women's singles.

It has been a notable year in pickleball with the debut of Pickleball Boulevard at Nationals, breaking a Guinness World Record for the most participants in a continuous match, and an eight-year-old becoming the youngest player ever to win APP gold.

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