Anna Leigh Waters in a yellow dress hitting an overhead shot.
Anna Leigh Waters at the Veolia Desert Ridge Open.  PPA Tour

Mystic Michaela reads pro pickleball auras for Johns, Waters, and McGuffin

DALLAS, TX – I couldn’t chat with fourth-generation psychic medium, Mystic Michaela, without asking her to read the auras of some of the best pickleballers on the planet.

She was delighted to oblige.

“I’ll be honest, I don’t know anything about these people, so this will be really interesting,” explained Michaela, who frequently watches her husband play pickleball, but doesn’t actively follow the sport.


It's important to note that Michaela doesn’t have to physically see someone’s aura in person. She can see it via candid photos. 

Ben Johns

“He's actually green and purple,” confirmed Michaela. 

Having two aura colors is very common. Usually, we all have two aura colors. 

“When I see him, he feels like he’s purple. He feels a bit like a ham. He makes it fun and young and interesting. And he feels like he’s really fun to watch. He feels like he’s really good with the strategy of the game. And he understands how to make other people move on the court like he’s a puppeteer and everyone else is his puppet on the court,” noted Michaela. 

Anna Leigh Waters

“She’s yellow and blue,” indicated Michaela. 

“She feels like she's low-key feisty. She’s saying, ‘Please, underestimate me. I dare you because I'll make you cry later.’ But, she does feel like a really sweet, respectful, kind person. She shows up and she’s going to let her technique, professionalism and athleticism speak for itself,” she explained.

“I feel like with her, she’s the girl that works hard behind the scenes to make sure when she shows up, she’s 1000% ready. Yellows are running, they’re training, they’re not taking days off. And she doesn’t need to speak a whole lot to have what she does show on the court,” she added.

“I also get the sense that she’s pioneering this place she’s in. She’s needing to be this voice in the sport, and she has to stand out more than she thought. But, she’s handling it with grace,” she concluded.

Tyson McGuffin

“He’s definitely red, but there’s some purple and a little blue in there,” said Michaela. This is what’s called a triad aura.

“He’s a wild card. He brings this kind of funny energy because the sport itself is still forming this identity. So I feel like with him, he comes in and he feels a little like he wants to prove other people wrong. I feel like he can be a little unpredictable both on and off the court,” she explained.

“He has this personality to me that feels like he plays in a creative way. But this is where the red aura comes in, because he feels like he’s got a bit of a showboaty personality to me. And I feel like he likes to play with the crowd,” she continued. 

That's a pretty spot-on description, right?

“People watch and sometimes it’s either amazement that he went for a crazy shot, and other times he’s not smart to go for it. But when it’s the risk versus the reward, he’ll always choose risk no matter what. And when it pays off, it’s cool,” she concluded.  

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