The Dallas Flash Pickleball Club with their new uniforms.
The Dallas Flash Pickleball Club with their new uniforms. Carey Schumacher/cs9sports

New jerseys revealed for Dallas Flash

DALLAS, TX - Not one of the four members of the Dallas Flash Pickleball Club lives in Texas, but all of them made their way to the Lonestar State earlier this week.

JW Johnson, Jorja Johnson, Hurricane Tyra Black, and Augie Ge joined team ownership and fans at The Grove Pickleball Monday night for a first look at the Flash’s 2024 uniforms.

The new uniforms feature a white and light blue color scheme in addition to a bolt logo that serves as the centerpiece of the team’s recent rebrand.

A look at the new uniforms for the Dallas Flash Pickleball Club
A closer look at the new uniforms for the Dallas Flash Pickleball Club. Carey Schumacher/cs9sports

“The brand revolves around the bolt logo mark,” explained Dallas Flash brand strategist and The Grove co-founder Nick Plumlee. “You will see our jersey designs change and alternate logos utilized with almost every court appearance, but the bolt will always remain the focal point.”

The real fun of the evening, however, began after the reveal when the pros took to the courts with fans for some good old fashioned rec play.

For local player Jordan Hix, this afforded him the opportunity to meet and play alongside Hurricane Tyra Black.


“Her hands and court awareness are amazing and are only outshined by how nice of a person she is,” he said of the experience. “I definitely learned a lot from being on court with Tyra.”

The event accomplished another goal as well: to generate excitement around the Flash ahead of the 2024 MLP season.

“We really just wanted to foster a sense of community around the team,” shared Dallas Flash business development associate and The Grove co-founder Mohammad Danial. “Most of our members are pickleball fanatics, and giving them an environment where they could interact with the team on a personal level really helped gain new fans for the Flash. It was an unreal experience to have them by.”

The team will debut its new jerseys at the first MLP event of the season next week in Atlanta.