Donald Young competing on the PPA Tour during the 2024 season.
Donald Young competing on the PPA Tour during the 2024 season. PPA Tour

Order of play for Tuesday's matches at Vizzy Atlanta Open

PEACHTREE CORNERS, GA - The Vizzy Atlanta Open has officially begun.

Two thousand points goes to the winners, the most available just four times per year.

Network coverage of the tournament will be available on PickleballTV, YouTube and FS1 starting on Wednesday at 11 a.m. ET with Round of 32 matches.

Featuring a progressive draw format, one round of each discipline will be played each day, leading to quarterfinals on Friday, semi-finals on Saturday, and Championship Sunday. 

Here is today's order of play for select courts at Life Time Peachtree Corners:

(All of the matches below are streaming LIVE on the PPA Tour's YouTube channel)

Humana Chamionship Court - Round of 64

Alix Truong v. Alia Brown
Donald Young v. Kento Tamaki
Angela Walker v. Milan Rane
Hunter Johnson v. Wesley Burrows
Brascia/Arnold v. Radzikowska/Young
Jones/Garnett v. Bouchard/Hovenier
Padegimaite/Navratil v. Rettger/Johnson
Sleeth/Bouchard v. Grigoriu/Donatoni
Shick/Sock v. Green/Broker
Fahey/Christian v. Haymore/James
Lohani/Nemoff v. Wasson/Campbell

Grandstand Court - Round of 64

Layne Sleeth v. Shelby Bates
Blaine Hovenier v. Spencer Smith
Genie Bouchard v. Elina Geut
Mohaned Alhouni v. Wyatt Stone
Christian/Young v. Schaefer/Dawson
Parenteau/Sock v. James/Dobran
Todd/Johnson v. Walker/Teoni
Jansen/Schaefer v. To/Branton
Dow/Scarpa v. Tomassi/Fu
Summers/Goldberg v. Pierson/Garza
Tamaki/Johnson v. Alhouni/Alhouni

Showcase Court - Round of 64

Martina Frantova v. Trang Huynh-McClain
Michael Loyd v. Mota Alhouni
Allyce Jones v. Shea Donahue
Eric Roddy v. Jonny Andrews
Koop/Johns v. Erokhina/Cincola
Wang/Smith v. Hoag/Scarpa
Truong/Tellez v. Trifunovic/Brown
Hendry/Wang v. Mason/Ronney
Eveloff/Beasley v. Young/Terron
Schulte/Esquivel v. Palavra/Leonard
Andrews/Joseph v. Medina Alvarez/Sherry

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