Catherine Parenteau competing at The Masters on Saturday.

Parenteau overcomes Buckner, sets finals clash with Waters

PALM SPRINGS, CA - Catherine Parenteau’s singles run at the PPA Masters nearly ended much sooner than she would have liked.

She fought past Christine Maddox 11-8 in the third game in the Round of 16, but she hasn’t dropped a game since.

The No. 2 seed took on Brooke Buckner in the women’s singles semifinals Saturday afternoon, coming away with an 11-7, 11-2 victory.

In her first tournament back since having her third child in November, Buckner had secured wins against Jorja Johnson and Mary Brascia using powerful drives from the baseline.

Parenteau knew that she would have to avoid giving Buckner opportunities to hit those shots if she wanted to advance.

“I knew that if I stayed at the baseline with her, it was probably not going to go very well for me,” she said. “So I was trying to invite her in so that we could play cat and mouse at the kitchen.”

That strategy helped Parenteau secure the victory in two games.

This win means Parenteau will play No. 1 seed Anna Leigh Waters, who beat Lea Jansen 11-2, 11-7 in the other semifinal, for the women’s singles title on Championship Sunday.