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Pickleball auras at Pickleball Inc. HQ

DALLAS, TX – I think we can all agree that people generally appreciate a good personality test.

From Enneagrams to Myers Briggs, nifty analytical tools that tell us all about ourselves are rather popular.

We're big fans of these kinds of tests at Pickleball Inc. HQ, too, so I surveyed a few employees to learn a little bit more about them.

Take this quiz and discover your aura. 

While it’s fun to see the rainbow cacophony of my coworkers' colorful energies, it got me thinking... Do these auras translate over to pickleball? 

Fellow writer, Will Daughton, received a red aura, with the top defining characteristics being “direct and assertive.” 

Now if you watch Daughton play pickleball, that's exactly his energy on the court. He’s got a mean backhand flick and the intensity of a pro like he’s playing Federico Staksrud on Championship Sunday. 

His aura directly correlates to his gameplay style. 

I received a purple aura, with my two characteristics being “explosive and creative.” And that’s exactly how I play. I get antsy if the cat and mouse gameplay is too slow, and I just want to speed it up and get into a hands battle. I’ll always try for a creative shot like a tweener or an ATP just for the fun of it, too.

My aura perfectly describes my game. 

I investigated further, chatting with a few of the pink aura people. They’re labeled as “optimistic and Disney princess vibe.” That second characteristic alone makes me think of the Rapunzel of pro pickleball, Callie Smith

Office manager Carrie Hussey shared that whenever she plays pickleball, she thinks she can stage a comeback, no matter the point difference. Hence, optimistic. Pink auras also prioritize fashion and outer appearance, and the pink aura girls agreed that they always care more about looking good on the court than being competitive. 

Then, I found someone with a yellow aura - Haley Brezack. Yellow auras are described as “curious and a perfectionist.” Brezack immediately saw the connection. She confided that she regularly researches the best pickleball tips and drills. Haley is constantly striving to be the best player on the court. Perfectionism is a thing for her.

This makes me wonder... What kind of auras the pros have? And, which kind of aura produces the best play?

That will be for another story.

What’s your aura? And are those characteristics reflected in your pickleball gameplay? Leave us a comment on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).

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