Amateur pickleball players wear bright pink shirts and visors on the pickleball court at Mesa Arizona Cup
Amateurs play pickleball at Mesa Arizona Cup PPA Tour

Pickleball goes pink at Mesa Arizona Cup

DALLAS, TX – Pickleball is a vibrant, colorful sport where pros and amateurs alike love to wear bold patterns and prints. While recently attending the Carvana PPA Mesa Arizona Cup, I noticed a trending color: Hot pink. It was all over the place. 

Bright, fuchsia pink covered the courts. There were pink shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts, sneakers, hats, paddles, bags, water bottles, and ribbons. Anything that could be pink, came in pink. 

And while neutral colors like black and white were the most popular, pink left the biggest impression at this particular tournament.   

And it wasn’t just the ladies who rocked the color, it was the men, too. 

Amateur players Sharon Wolfe and Brian Loynachan wear pink bottoms at PPA Mesa Arizona Cup
Amateurs Sharon Wolfe and Brian Loynachan at PPA Mesa Arizona Cup PPA Tour

Sharon Wolfe and Brian Loynachan from Des Moines, IA, a mixed doubles pair, wore matching bright pink bottoms with black tops. Loynachan even had a hot pink windbreaker. He fully committed to the color. 

Lots of men on the amateur courts sported various shades of bright pink. And honestly, I loved it. Pickleball needs more pink. 

Pink was even present in outfit accessories and small details. Pink socks were even paired with white shoes and matching pink hair bows.

Pops of pink were all over the amateur courts.

Womens doubles Amatures play pickleball wearing pink skirts, pink shirts, and pink hair bows at the Mesa Arizona Cup
Women's doubles amatures at PPA Mesa Arizona Cup PPA Tour

Even the pros participated in the pink trend. Hurricane Tyra Black rocked fuchsia pink leggings. Tyson McGuffin and Maggie Brascia were spotted with the new Selkirk hot pink bags

“When Selkirk came out with these new bags, I thought it was perfect. I love the color pink, I always have,” shared Brascia. “It’s really bright and the color makes a good statement on the court.”

Maggie Brascia showing off her hot pink Selkirk bag with a thumbs up
Maggie Brascia at Mesa Arizona Cup PPA Tour

Even a puppy got the pink memo.

A dog from California named Cinnamon sported a pink puffer jacket on a chilly morning.

A tiny, fluffy dog wearing a pink puffer jacket
Cinnamon the dog at PPA Mesa Arizona Cup PPA Tour

On every court, there was some article of clothing or accessory that was bright pink. 

Is pink the most popular color in pickleball right now? Is this a residual effect from last year’s Barbie movie? Or is pink just a trending color now that we’re heading into spring and summer? Time will tell. 

Pink and pickleball are a perfect pairing. During the 2023 tournament season, wearing pink on Championship Sunday became a theme. Pink became the color of World No. 1s Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns whenever coveted trophies and gold medals were up for grabs.

No wonder pink is popular. 

Will pink be prominently featured at the Pickleball Central Indoor USA Championships? Or will a different color dominate the courts? Only time will tell.