Play (and learn) where the pros play

Play (and learn) where the pros play

DALLAS, TX - The PPA has always been about playing where the pros play.

But starting in 2024, you can not only play where the pros play, but get a lesson from a pro, too.

The PPA Tour is launching camps at each of its tour stops throughout the 2024 season and anyone, at any skill level, can register, learn and drop and drive with the help of a PPA Tour pro.

“Pros and amateurs have been on different sides of the aisle for a while now, and these camps are a way to have the journey of the pro and the journey of the amateur intersect so that they can all come together even for just a little while,” said Jonny Pickleball, the Director of Programming and Camps for the PPA Tour. “The goal of the camp is to be able to make a positive impact on each person who attends, and create memories and an overall positive experience.”


There will be different tour pros teaching at different stops throughout the season, so players can get a good variety of different styles and personalities, too.

Want to sign up? Go to or the website, log in and get signed up. Each camp is $499 per person and includes two days worth of instruction (four hours per day). There is a camp for 2.5-3.0 players and another for 3.5-4.0 players.

“I see these camps as a way to bring those two things together and in-turn create a positive experience for the amateur and recreational player at a professional tournament,” Jonny Pickleball said.

Each camp will have a progressive flow of learning so that the pros are able to cover a number of topics from dinking, drops, drives, mid-court game, strategy and more.

The first chance to sign up will be for the PPA’s first event of the season - Jan. 8-9 in Palm Springs, Calif.

“The goal is also to create excitement leading into these tournaments and to bridge that gap between pro and amateur and let the campers really get to know their professional instructors,” Jonny Pickleball said.

Sign up now. Space is limited.