Four people playing pickleball in wheelchairs
Carvana Pickleball For All event PPA Tour

PPA hosts Carvana Pickleball For All with Special Olympics at Vizzy Atlanta Open

PEACHTREE CORNERS, GA – On Wednesday during the Vizzy Atlanta Open, six courts were reserved for the Carvana Pickleball For All with Special Olympics event. 

“This is our second annual event and we wanted to come out to the tournament and show how accessible and inclusive the sport is,” said Emily Williams, the brand activation specialist from Carvana. 

“Special Olympics Georgia is a non-profit sports organization that serves individuals with intellectual disabilities, and today, we’re doing pickleball,” said Liz Smith from the Special Olympics.

Pickleball is one of the newer sports being offered for their athletes. The event featured different skills-related sections, including ground stroke, dinks, serve rallies, and open play as well.

And as a special treat, World No. 1 Anna Leigh Waters played an exhibition match alongside the participants.

Pickleball For All players smiling on the court
Carvana Pickleball For All event  PPA Tour

Among them was Taylor Nichols, a former motocross athlete turned wheelchair pickleball player. 

“Pickleball is a game for anyone. It doesn’t matter your age, gender, or limitations you experience, anybody could play it and have fun,” he said. 

“Pickleball is really meant to be a community event. And while it’s a competitive sport and it’s growing in popularity, we want to ensure that everyone at all ages and all abilities is included in it. It’s important for us to be able to share our love of the sport with others who may not always have the opportunity for clinics and the opportunity to play with others of similar abilities,” noted Williams.

“Watching the wheelchair athletes here has been phenomenal, they are incredible,” shared Hayley Pollack, the Carvana PR senior manager of communications. 

The Georgia State Representative for District 48, Scott Hilton, participated in the event, too.  

“It’s been an awesome day. I’ve had the opportunity to represent this district and this is right here in our backyard. I’m an avid player myself and I’m honored to be able to participate in this great day and give back to our community,” he said.

Hilton also has a special connection to Special Olympics. 

“We have a child with special needs. I am super active in this environment and I’ve done a lot at the legislative level to help out individuals with all abilities. It’s just an honor to give back today to folks who really give us so much joy and hope and excitement in life,” he added. 

What this event really shows is that pickleball is truly a sport for all – all ages, genders, and abilities can play alongside one another.