Six Zero Ruby Paddle is Well Searched

Six Zero Ruby Paddle is Well Searched

DALLAS, TX - It took the developers at Six Zero more than 10 months to develop the technology for its latest release - the Ruby.

And now it’s the most-searched paddle in the market today.

The paddle is the first made from 100 percent Aramid fiber, sourced from Kevlar, which is known for strength and resistance to wear and tear. It adds control and precision , making the Ruby the first of its kind.


“It took me a little while to dial in the touch,” said Michael Thompson, who lives and plays in Oklahoma City and is a brand ambassador for Six Zero paddles. “Once I was able to adjust to the ‘pop,’ and got used to the feel, it started playing really nice. I would add its sturdiness as well as a benefit. It just has a feel that the paddle isn’t going to wear out.  Even the edge guard feels more robust.”

By using Kevlar, it is more resilient to impact and frequent use. It’s also a lightweight material, making the paddle maneuver well. Engineers at Six Zero note the Ruby is more resistant to wear than a carbon faced paddle.


“I was an avid Double Black Diamond user prior,” Thompson said, mentioning he was using a different Six Zero paddle. “That is a great paddle, but once I was able to dial in the “pop” on drops, resets and dinks, the additional power and spin really upped my game.”

The average weight of the paddle is 8.2 ounces and it is USA Pickleball approved.

The paddle retails for $199. More information on the Ruby can be found at