Etta Wright and Meghan Dizon competing at the PPA Masters.
Etta Wright and Meghan Dizon competing at the PPA Masters. PPA Tour

The ideal pickleball partner... in three words

DALLAS, TX – Finding the right doubles partner is almost as hard as finding a life partner.

With so many different personalities and skill levels on the court, it can get awfully overwhelming when you’re trying to find the best of the best to play alongside you.

Here are some qualities players are looking for in an ideal doubles partner. 

According to the Pickleball Facebook Forum, some pickleball players are looking for partners with the kind of characteristics that just make quality humans.

·      “Consistent, confident, focused” – Mark Vennitti
·      “Positive, funny, patient” – Erik Tice
·      “Laughs, challenges, practices” – Helena Wilsbach Nesbitt
·      “Easy-going, encouraging, communicative” – Debbie McHugh
·      “Kind, skilled, determined” – Pam McElhany

All lovely qualities. A partner exhibiting half of these is guaranteed to be an overall delight on the court. Though they might not be the most ferocious with a paddle, you could potentially forge a new friendship that lasts a lifetime.

Other players shared their ideal pickleball-specific qualities.

·      “Control the ball” – Guillermo Cuellar
·      “One more game” – Elinor Abarintos
·      “At the net” – Tim West
·      “Always shows up” – Wanda Lovelace
·      “Adapts to anything” – Erik Wardenburg

These characteristics are universal to pickleball. A partner that’s reliable, at the net, has control of the ball, and can easily adapt to the gameplay is crucial for success. These types are definitely the kind you can take to a tournament.

And then the ideal partner characteristics start to get a little rowdy.

·      “Me, myself, and I” – Darrell Pine
·      “Anna Leigh Waters” – Dough Stafford
·      “Not my husband” – Rose Marie Derella Quirk
·      “Let’s get beer” – Susan Frances Mather
·      “Tall, dark, handsome” – Yvadne Robinson

Anna Leigh Waters would be the perfect doubles partner for obvious reasons. And some people discovered that doubling up with their significant other only ends in a disaster.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned looking through these, it’s that there’s no way to be the perfect pickleball partner. Everyone is looking for something different.  Although, I think “tall, dark, and handsome” is a great place to start.