Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters competing at PPA Mesa.
Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters competing at PPA Mesa. PPA Tour

Waters, Johns heading back to Championship Sunday in mixed doubles

MESA, AZ – World No. 1s Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns made quick work of Jorja and JW Johnson in the PPA Mesa mixed doubles semifinals on Saturday with an 11-1, 11-3 victory.

Waters and Johns head to Championship Sunday with another shot at gold.

Waters couldn't be prouder to share the court with Johns and compete alongside him on a regular basis.

“He’s mentally so strong, and he sees the court so well and knows exactly where to hit the ball every time. I think that’s what he has over everybody else,” praised Waters. “It’s not necessarily his athleticism, though he’s very athletic, it’s the way he reads the game and knows where his opponent is going to put the ball. He’ll be right there to put it away.” 

The 17-year-old brings her own unique skill set to the court, too, of course.

“I'm very energetic, and I bring a lot of firepower. Ben’s got fast hands, but he doesn’t speed up the ball and he doesn’t move around the court as much as I do,” explained Waters. “I make him have fun on the court, too. I’m constantly cracking jokes and trying to get him to laugh. I love playing with him.”