Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau playing pickleball
Waters and Parenteau at Mesa Arizona Cup PPA Tour

Waters, Parenteau remain unstoppable in women’s doubles

MESA, AZ – It’s no shocker that the unbeatable partnership in women’s doubles, Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau are headed to championship Sunday at the Mesa Arizona Cup. 

In an efficient 11-3, 11-9 final score, Parenteau and Waters continue to prove why they’re undefeated in women’s doubles. 

“We just take it one point at a time,” said Parenteau. 

“You can’t think about the past, the future, don’t think about your record. You just have to stay completely in the present moment,” she explained. 

The secret to their success appears to be that they just simply get along.  

“We have really good chemistry. And that’s incredibly important for a partnership."

“We’re good players on the bench too. Like if one of us does something, we’ll remind the other not to do that and get back to our game plan. We’re there to win and get the goal of winning the tournament,” continued Parenteau. 

But Parenteau also added, “We’re both really good singles players. We both can run so that makes us a great team.” 

Whether it’s their great teamwork or singles player skillset, this is a truly unstoppable duo that remain undefeated.