Anna Leigh Waters hits a forehand.
Anna Leigh Waters competing at the Select Medical Orange County Cup presented by FitVine Wine. PPA Tour

Waters, Parenteau set finals clash with convincing semifinal wins

SAN CLEMENTE, CA - Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau—the top two seeds in women’s singles—will face off for gold on Sunday after convincing victories in the semifinals.

Waters downed No. 8 seed Judit Castillo 11-2, 11-4, while Parenteau handled No. 6 seed Brooke Buckner 11-7, 11-5.

Both players are looking strong in San Clemente, as neither one has yet to drop a game.

This will be the fourth time in 2024 that Waters and Parenteau have faced off with a title on the line, and Waters has won each time so far.

The two also make up the top women’s doubles team in pickleball, which adds more fire to their battles.

“It’s the weirdest dynamic ever,” Waters explained. “It’s strange because we kind of want the other person to win. I’m not too worried about playing her in the final. If I lose to Catherine, I lose to Catherine. She’s one person I don’t care about losing to because she’s an amazing person and an amazing player.”

Waters and Parenteau will take the court as partners later Saturday afternoon when they face No. 8 seeds Allyce Jones and Irina Tereschenko in the women’s doubles semifinals.