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Anna Leigh Waters high-fiving Catherine Parenteau at Mesa Arizona Cup.
Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau competing at the Mesa Arizona Cup. PPA Tour

Waters, Parenteau win doubles gold, remain undefeated

MESA, AZ — The top-seeded tandem of Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau remain undefeated in women’s doubles after beating Meghan Dizon and Etta Wright 11-3, 12-10, 12-10 on Sunday. 

“Meghan and Etta were playing so well. They really pushed us to our limit,” said Waters.

After dropping the first game, Dizon and Wright turned things around.

But Waters and Parenteau weren't going to be denied another gold medal.

“We just needed to move the ball around, play our game, and be aggressive first. They were doing a good job pressing. On the bench, we were reminded that you can win just by being defensive, so just go for it,” explained Parenteau.

Waters, meanwhile, can't say enough good things about her partner.

“Catherine is just an amazing person off the court. If I could pick anybody, I would pick Catherine. Even if she wasn’t No. 2 in the world, I’d still pick her and play with her. I just love her so much,” she said.

The victory officially earned Waters her 23rd career Triple Crown on the PPA Tour.

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