A few pros to follow on Instagram

A few pros to follow on Instagram

DALLAS, TX - If you want more pickleball content on your Instagram feed, this is the list for you.

Whether you’re looking for tricks of the trade, gameplay breakdowns, or even some heartwarming family-related cuteness, a host of pros are delivering the goods.

Here are a some notable names that deserve a follow:

Allyce Jones @allycejones.pickleball

If you’re looking for pickleball tips, Allyce Jones has you covered. Jones has already addressed a variety of key topics on IG, including communication advice for your doubles partner, how to tell if a ball is going outbreaking down grip pressure and sharing drill examples for you to try at home. With the addition of highlight reels from memorable match points and her iconic celebrations, Jones’ content will keep you busy.


JW Johnson @jdubpickleball and Jorja Johnson @jorjajohnson_pb

The Johnson siblings walk the perfect line on their respective IG accounts with highlights aplenty from the 2023 campaign, behind the scenes videos, photos showcasing their lives away from the court, and some humorous content about their family dynamic that is guaranteed to make you chuckle.


Thomas Wilson @thomaswilson_pb

For content that promises to pack an emotional punch, give Thomas Wilson a follow. Wilson has already shared the story of his Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome diagnosis, infertility struggles with his wife, Brittany, and the announcement revealing the adoption of a baby girl, Holyn. His posts are sure to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling.


Christian Alshon @tweenerking

For cool tips and post-game analysis and recaps, Christian Alshon is the athlete to follow. His impressive YouTube content transitions well to Instagram, where he posts reels that break down game points from previous tournaments, and shares drills for players to improve a host of valuable skills.


Callie Smith @calliejosmith_pickleball

Callie Smith shares some of the best gameplay advice around. She has several posts on the art of dinking, and answers commonly asked questions from amateur players, like: Where should you aim your serves? and What’s the next shot after your speedup? You can find just about any pickleball-related answer you’re looking for on Smith’s page.


Lauren Stratman @lolo_strat_pb

If you’re curious about cold plunges, give Lauren Stratman a follow. Stratman recently got into it, and she shares tips for making the most of the activity. If you’re also looking for couples who are mixed doubles partners as well, look no further than Stratman’s account. Sharing photos with boyfriend and fellow pro, Julien Arnold, Stratman's followers get the inside scoop on their adventures.


Anna Bright @annabright.pb

Another one of the PPA Tour's on and off-court partnerships is Anna Bright and James Ignatowich. Bright’s Instagram account is a great way to get to know the couple on a more personal level. She often shares humorous moments from their interactions, like bloopers from an ad campaign. Bright also provides Q&As after tournament victories.


Megan Fudge DeHeart @officialmeganfudge

To see rising stars in the junior ranks, look no further than Megan Fudge DeHeart’s Instagram account. Her kids, JR and Lily, caught the pickleball bug at a young age, and DeHeart shares some of the cutest training montages you’ve ever seen.


While you’re at it, follow pickleball.com on IG, too, for the latest stories from the picklesphere!